Please consider using the ministries below.
Don't forget to tell them The Diggles Family sent you!

Ministry Haven is a Christian retreat center serving the needs of ministers,
missionaries and military chaplains. They provide FREE retreats so ministers
can get away from the daily demands of ministry and take some time out
to rest and reconnect with their wife and family. Ministry Haven is run by
a ministry family so they understand the pressures and demands of ministry life.

Rock Solid Ministries is a full time revival ministry. Tom Weaver holds revival meetings (free of charge) in churches
all over the United States & Canada. Please go to their website to find out more about this wonderful ministry.
Please tell them The Diggles Family sent you.

Eternal Vision formed in 1989 and transitioned to a full time Gospel Music Ministry
in 1994. Headquartered in Knoxville, TN, they have received 12 top 5
nominations by southern gospel music fans and have won 5 top awards.
Eternal Vision has had several top 50 songs on the charts, and they are known for
their exciting new style and tight harmonies.

We used TCA for the art work and duplication of our newest project.
We were very pleased with their work. The graphic design was done by Kris Poovey at TCA.
We have had many compliments on the look of our CD. Please tell them The Diggles Family sent you.

We are now using Emcee Pro to run our tracks during our concerts, and we have been pleased.
We also use an audio enhancer by Turtle Beach to increase the audio quality coming from the laptop.
If you are interested in purchasing Emcee Pro please contact us at (859) 552-9989. If you choose to
contact Emcee Pro directly, please tell them The Diggles Family sent you.

Answers in Genesis
We were honored to be able to tour the Answers in Genesis facility in Petersburg, KY, and see
the Creation Museum under construction. It was INCREDIBLE!!! Now that it is finished it is even better!!!
It is not only a powerful, Biblically accurate exhibit, it is very evangelistic, as well. Answers In Genesis
has a wonderful ministry that supports the truth of the Bible from the very first word! Please prayerfully
consider supporting this powerful ministry and asking them to speak at your church. We encourage you to
look at the Answers in Genesis website through our links. While at their website make sure you look
at the information about the Creation Museum and events around the country. If you plan to visit their
on-line bookstore, please visit through the link below. When you make a purchace at their on line store
using the link below it helps Diggles Family Ministries as well as Answers in Genesis!