"I have hidden Your word in my heart
that I might not sin against You." Psalm 119:11

How did we start doing scripture memorization with the girls? Well, I'll tell you. When Christina was 3 years old her older sister, Jennifer, was a member of a local Bible Quiz team. (In Bible Quiz the teenagers memorize books of the Bible each year) Christina watched as I quizzed Jennifer over and over. One day she said she wanted to do it, too. So, I looked for a passage for her to learn. I decided to choose Psalm 121.

Each night before she went to bed we practiced it. I would say a few words and she would repeat it back to me. We did this for several nights and then one night Christina said that she wanted to do it all by herself. Now, I have to tell you I did not think she could do it. But, I told her to go ahead and try. Wow, was I surprised! She quoted several verses by herself. I knew God had just shown me that with a little time and effort my "little sponge" could memorize a lot of scripture. That Christmas she recited the Christmas Story, Luke 2:8-20, from memory.

Katie has followed in Christina's foot steps, and she is also memorizing scripture. Now, they each memorize the chosen passage and then I divide it up so that they each recite part of the passage. I believe that any child can memorize and recite passages of scripture as soon as they can talk.

Chapters of the Bible they have memorized

C=Christina, K=Katie

Genesis 1-2:3 (C, K)
Psalm 1 (C)
Psalm 2 (C)
Psalm 3 (C)
Psalm 4 (C)
Psalm 8 (C,K)
Psalm 19 (C,K)
Psalm 23 (C,K)
Psalm 62 (K)
Psalm 63 (K)
Psalm 91 (C,K)
Psalm 98 (C,K)
Psalm 117 (K)
Psalm 118 (K)
Psalm 121 (C,K)
Psalm 134 (K)
Psalm 150 (C,K)
Matthew 3 (C,K)
Matthew 28 (C,K)
Luke 2:1-20 (C,K)
Romans 12 (C)
1 Corinthians 12 (C)
1 Corinthians 13 (C,K)
Philippians 1 (C)
Philippians 2 (C)
Hebrews 1 (C,K)
2 Peter 1 (C)
2 Peter 2 (C)
2 Peter 3 (C)
1 John 1 (C,K)

And the names of the books of the Bible (C,K)

Unfortunately, I did not write down all of the passages Christina memorized
when she was little so I may be missing some.