What people are saying about Doug Diggles

"Doug has a heart for worship and leading people to an intimate fellowship with the Lord. His sincerity shows on the stage and off. He has a gifted voice, a unique range and a clear quality of sound. He's a blend of Mark Lowry, Guy Penrod, and Bill Gaither all rolled into one! Doug's deep sense of the most important matter of life, knowing Christ and serving Him, can be seen whenever you talk to him."

Mike Stephenson, Minister
New Hope Christian Church
Maysville, KY
Former Member of The Gospel Lads

"Doug Diggles not only is gifted with a great vocal talent but with a genuine and heartfelt spirit for our Lord. The combination of these two make Doug's musical ministry dynamic for the hearer and exhalting of Jesus Christ."

Larry Locke, Pastor
Riverside First Church of God

"Doug Diggles is a talented singer, but more importantly, he is a true man of God. Our Heavenly Father has gifted this servant to minister to God's people. I recommend his ministry to you without reservation."

David Welsh, Senior Minister
Hill 'n Dale Christian Church
Lexington, KY

"Doug has an excellent voice and a heart filled with desire to serve Christ. He is a joy to work with and will be a blessing to any congregation or group looking for an uplifting musical presentation."

Forrest Hahn, Minister
Christview Christian Church
Winchester, KY

"I have known Doug for thirteen years. I sang with Doug for the first five of those years. What I've noticed in his ministry is that the words or message of the song matter more than the tune. I have been blessed to become one he calls friend."

Greg Cowger, Director of Worship and Communication
CrossView Christian Church
Waynesville, OH

"Doug has made such an impressive contribution to the quality of our music ministry at Christview Christian Church. His talent is truly a gift and we as a congregation have been corporately blessed by his participation."

Pat Bowman, Director
A A Pregnancy Care Center in
Winchester, KY
Member of Christview Christian Church

"To hear Doug Diggles sing is to receive a very special gift. For in the hearing, you are allowed the privilege of eaves dropping on his intimate communication with our Lord."

Donna Estes
Member of Vocal Team and Choir
Christview Christian Church

"Doug, with his singing, has the unique ability to perform heart transplants. Before you think I'm being facetious, let me explain. It's fairly easy to tell when someone is sharing a message from their heart or just performing for personal gratification. It's obvious that Doug has the ability to transfer a message of love from his heart to yours, therefore, a 'heart transplant'. God's love, when planted in the heart of a receptive person by way of a message in song, will grow, and that growth can serve to save or prolong that life. I know that I've been blessed greatly by messages Doug has preached, in song. Many others have been as well."

Jim Roarx, Elder
Member of Vocal Team and Choir
Christview Christian Church

"Through the last 14 years Doug's ministry through song has kept my ministry of teaching Sunday school on task. Through many trials I had only to hear Doug sing the song "Thank You" to realize that I needed to continue my ministry and reach children for Him. His singing is a ministry of encouragement and comfort to a lost and dying world. I am proud to count him among my most treasured friends."

Pam Rosensohn
Member of Hill 'n Dale Christian Church

"I have been blessed to know Doug Diggles for about six years and have sung with him in Potters' Clay for five of those years. His vocal gifts have never ceased to amaze me. I am thankful that he is a part of our group not only for those vocal gifts, but also for his love of our Lord Jesus. That love shows most when he is singing His praises!”

Amy Cooper
Former Member of Potter's Clay

"Doug has really been blessed with not only an awesome voice – including a wide variety of singing ranges, but also a wonderful heart for the Lord. When Doug sings, God's message always gets across. You know the Lord is working through Doug, whether it is in the words of a song, or from the message shared through his personal testimony. Doug has a heart for the Lord and it is evident in all that he says and does. Doug is so at ease when singing or speaking, he brings a sense of the Spirit to those around him. Doug's love for the Lord is so evident. He's so much fun to be around, too. There's never a dull moment because he loves to have a good time with God's people.

Gina Shelley
Former Member of Potter's Clay