We are pleased to be an affiliate of Answers in Genesis, and we were honored to be able to tour
the Answers in Genesis facility in Petersburg, KY, and see the Creation Museum under construction.
It was INCREDIBLE!!! Now that it is finished it is even better!!! It is not only a powerful, Biblically
accurate exhibit, it is very evangelistic, as well. Answers In Genesis has a wonderful ministry that supports
the truth of the Bible from the very first word! Please prayerfully consider supporting this powerful ministry
and asking them to speak at your church.

We encourage you to look at the Answers in Genesis website through our links. While at their website make
sure you look at the information about the Creation Museum and events around the country.

If you plan to visit their on-line bookstore, please visit through the link below. When you make a purchase
at their on line store using the link below it helps Diggles Family Ministries, Inc. as well as Answers in Genesis!

Read about our visit to AiG at Ken Ham's Blog and listen to our time of worship!