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Diggles Family Ministries exists to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ
and to uplift and encourage people everywhere!

The Diggles Family, widely known for their tight family harmony and unique blend of hymns, Southern Gospel, and light contemporary music, continue to bless people across the USA and in Canada. Having traveled through 47 states and Ontario, Canada; as a full time family ministry; their reputation for presenting a quality, uplifting, Christ filled service is quickly spreading. Hearts are touched as Christina and Katie sing with their father in three part harmony and recite chapters of scripture from memory. The incredible range and power of Doug Diggles’ voice soothes the soul, and Diane brings an extra depth to the songs she interprets through sign language. The members of The Diggles Family are using their God-given talents to serve their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Based out of Lexington, KY, this gifted family can be reached at (859) 271-2636,, or at their mailing address: Diggles Family Ministries, Inc., PO Box 24542, Lexington, KY 40524-4542.

The Diggles Family started as a part time ministry with a concert on August 15, 2004, in Butler, NJ. They did not know at that time that God was actually preparing them for full time ministry, which has been the desire of their hearts. On November 4, 2004, Doug lost his full time job, and the adventure on which God was leading this family took a new turn. They felt God had opened a door, leading them into full time ministry just 3 months after their ministry began!

The Diggles Family is led by Doug Diggles who sings from his heart. He had been singing for the Lord as a solo artist for over two decades before his family joined him in song, forming Diggles Family Ministries, Inc., a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. His voice is truly anointed, and when he sings you not only hear the song but you feel it as well. Doug enjoys singing lead, tenor, baritone, and bass, but his favorite part is bass. He also enjoys playing the piano. Doug has written one song, the title track of their album You Are My Strength. He is the Music Minister at First Christian Church, a Restoration Movement/ Independent Christian Church, in Lexington, KY. This is a part time position which allows The Diggles Family to continue traveling ALL around the USA and into Canada.

Christina, 2013 homeschool graduate, has decided to continue with our ministry full time. To help support herself, Christina gives violin and guitar lessons and works as a distributor for Lilla Rose ( She has a wonderful ear for harmony and enjoys singing, reading, art, crocheting, knitting, needlework, learning homemaking skills, and more. She has been reading and studying the Bible since she learned to read and can recite many passages of scripture. She also enjoys playing the viola, guitar, classical guitar, piano, mountain dulcimer, mandolin, ukulele, penny whistle, bodhran drum, resonator, accordion, and psaltery; but the violin is her favorite! Christina has begun to help arrange songs and write instrumental pieces, including a concerto for two violins, viola, and cello.

Katie is also musically gifted and enjoys being able to add the third part to their family harmony. She enjoys singing, memorizing passages of scripture, photography, writing poems, composing songs, reading, art, sewing/crafts, writing jokes, climbing trees, and running barefoot! Katie enjoys playing the violin, mandolin, piano, mountain dulcimer, guitar, ukulele, lap harp, bodhran drum, accordion, and psaltery. One of her songs, “It’s Christmas Time Again”, is currently being sung by our family, and was used in our church’s 2014 Christmas cantata. She is also beginning to arrange instrumental pieces. She was baptized by her daddy on May 6, 2007, joining the rest of her family in the decision to follow, love, and serve the Lord Jesus Christ!

Diane runs the sound board, handles their scheduling, and does the ministry’s computer work including creating and maintaining their website. She also enjoys cooking healthy food and baking fluffy fresh bread for her family and others. Diggles Family Ministries, Inc. is truly a family ministry. They work, play, travel, school, and minister together as a family.